When I came to Colorado from Indiana at thirteen, I was awed by the openness and freedom of the west. I have traveled the west and southwest for many years painting the scenes and impressions that continue to fascinate my eye and senses. My goal is to capture the unique and vivid colors of the turbulent skies, the majestic feeling of the mountains, the delicacy of the environment, the wildlife, and the folklore of the American Indian.
My architectural training tends to control my work. I consciously remove brush marks and paint texture of any kind because they are a disctraction to the emotion. I exaggerate the color and the shadows to get visual texture. The idea is to take any subject and make it "nonboring." A subject can be motionless and emotional at the same time. I use a lot of out of the tube paint in glaze form, without mixing it. The pure glazes react with each other without creating "mud" which maintains the integrity of each color. Texture is achieved by using light and shadow with a strong transparent glazing.

What might appear to be a simple landscape is really a complex environmental interaction put together so skillfully that it goes largely unnoticed by most. I mentally put together parts of skies, mountains, plains, rivers, etc. and then transfer the idea to the canvas. I am always acutely aware of what stimulated me about the scene. I know that I must always be true to these emotions.

Stuart Jones works out of
SenOj Studio
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Golden, CO 80403

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